Would you like to
  • Earn extra income and work with a flexible schedule from Home When YOU Want To?
  • Spend More Time with your family?
  • Get Away from the Everyday Grind of 9 to 5?
  • Be Your Own Boss?
  • Be Able to Give Yourself a Raise when you want?
  • Be Rewarded for what you do?
  • Go on all expense paid trips and drive expense paid cars?

By Joining Tupperware-
You could be earning an extra
$1000+per month
working only  4 to 6 hours per week!

If you need a little extra money each month to make ends meet  or buy new furniture or something extra for the home or yourself or if you want to earn enough to replace a full time job you can do it with Tupperware!

The Day you Order your Starter Kit you can Have your website Set up and Start Earning Instantly!

*No Experience Necessary*
We have FREE TRAINING  Multiple training  tools 24 hour a day training online and conference call training and online chats throughout the week, this is optional and available to you at no charge to help you grow your business, You can get all the information right from home!
This is an exciting time to build your business with Tupperware! There are absolutely no restrictions on how far and fast you can climb to reach your goals and dreams.

In your first 13 weeks you can earn over $900 in bonus offers with the Tupperware Star Program

Once you follow the Tupperware path, you can earn the privilege to drive your business to the next level with the Dream Drivers program!

Multiple Reasons You May Want To Join
*you can choose one or all-its up to you!

  • Earn Supplemental Income
  • Personal membership discount
  • Party Sales in Home or Office
  • Book Order Sales
  • Catalog Parties
  • Fundraisers *help organizations or individuals needing to earn funds earn 40% profit*
  • Online Sales - 24 hours a day 7 days a week you have a store for your customers to shop from *tupperware ships the product and processes these orders, you get the commission in your monthly check.
  • Online Parties


Do I have to hold in home parties?
no, you do not there are many alternate ways to sell Tupperware and the home party is not required for your to join, you work your business however it fits you, there are no pressures! Help when you need it but never any pressure.

How Do I Get Paid?
when you take orders, the customers make the payments to you and when you process the order for them, you keep your commission up front and only pay in your cost on the order so you are earning every time you sell products and can instantly have access to those funds.
Tupperware sends Bonus Commissions in a monthly check or you can sign up for direct deposit to get the funds quicker.

Do I have to wait a certain period of time to recruit someone under me?
No, You can start recruiting others the instant that you join Tupperware, the more you add to your downline the quicker your income can increase for you.

Does my Recruit have to live in the same area as me?
No they do not, you can recruit anyone across the US and on Military Bases APO and FPO Addresses so you are not limited to the people in your area. We have nationwide support so they will receive the same training and benefits as you, you are never alone in this Tupperware Business!

Do I have to attend Local Rallies?
No you do not, this is optional, we have training through web videos and online training classes and conference calls, so you will never have to leave home to get the help and training you need, and most is available 24 hours a day so if you are still working another job you can access this information at anytime!

What if I join and decide it is not for me? Do I have to return the kit? are there hidden fees?
No, regardless if you sell or try it for awhile and decide it isn't working for you, the kit is yours to keep and no penalties or hidden fees. At the worst you end up with a Kitchen Full of Great products at a discount!

Can Men Sell Tupperware?
Absolutely! Some of the Top Sales Representatives are Men! Men have been selling Tupperware for years! There are also many successful husband and wife teams.

If I have the Tupperware Online Website do I have to Have inventory and Ship Products?
and do I have to process credit cards?
No, Tupperware takes care of all of that, you just set up your online store and direct your customers to it, you can sell 24 hours a day, Tupperware processes the payments and ships the orders and You get the commission from the sales in your monthly check or direct deposit.

Do I have to build my website? I don't know anything about that stuff?
No you don't have to, Tupperware has a special site that you can use and you never have to worry about adding specials and changing the website, it is done automatically , no website design skills are needed.

How Much is the Tupperware Website after my Free 30 day Trial? Do I have to agree to have it for a year or long period of time?
After your 30 day trial you can keep your website for only $7.95 per month and there is no long term committment, you can cancel at anytime if you need to.

Do I have to order on certain days only?
No, You can order any day you want 24 hours a day online or you can also phone in your order toll free.

Is there a set amount I have to collect to place my order?
No, there are no minimum orders required to place your orders, you can order however small or large you want.

Startup Kits
This offer open to US addresses and FPO And APO Military addresses!
Open your business now and enjoy a $100 return on every average party*...the perfect way to give yourself a raise or pay off holiday debt.

Get started with the full-size Executive Business Kit** for only $119.99, including shipping. This comprehensive kit is filled with everything you need to launch your own home-based business - a complementary range of Tupperware products, business supplies and a quick guide to creating fun parties.

You can Also Break up the kit into 2 payments over 60 days if you wish to do that! and Earn multiple products over your first 13 weeks!! All the way up to the icing on the cake iPad when you are working your business!

Kit arrives in 3 to 5 business  days!
Have you Been Searching for a Reliable and Legitimate Home Based Business? Tupperware Is A Great Company To Go With!

Tupperware is one of the best home based business opportunities out there today.
When you join Tupperware you are getting so much more.

Take for instance the fact the Tupperware has been around for over 60 years, they are not a fly by night company that is just starting out, they have been going for years and continue going strong so you have that feeling of security in knowing they are some unheard of brand that will be hard to sell or will just one day disappear on you.

Tupperware carries Strong Brand Name Recognition....Almost every household in America
has one or more pieces of Tupperware, and even if they don't they know the name brand.
Tupperware is the 2nd Best Recognized Brand name only 2nd Next to Coke!!!
How wonderful is that when you can say you work with a company that is 2nd
only to coke for people knowing and being familiar with the products!

Tupperware has outstanding Customer Service
and when you join as a consultant you get the feeling of security
knowing that when a customer has a problem with any Tupperware item,
Even if they didn't purchase it from you personally,
that you Will be able to take care of the LIFETIME WARRANTY on Tupperware Products for them.
No Receipt Required from the original purchase and If for any reason that specific item is no longer available, Tupperware steps up and either gives credit towards another purchase or replaces it with the most similar item available at the time! How Wonderful is that!?!?! OUTSTANDING!

How many companies do you know of that will offer such an exclusive lifetime warranty on their products!?! This Fact Alone Says alot to me when a company is that Confident in their products that they will Back them with a Lifetime Warranty.
I think this is AWESOME!!! Also, when you Join you are able to offer the Warranty and get Replacements and this helps you get repeat customers and helps build strong customer relationships as well.

When you can offer such great services to Customers this will help you as a sales person in this business,
they will remember you and will come back when the need arises and think of all the great word of mouth advertising you will get too!

Another Key Point with Tupperware is that you are selling a product that EVERYONE Can use, unlike the other Direct selling companies where alot only cater to women or home parties only etc. 
Everyone Eats so that gives you a MUCH Broader Customer base! Everyone that eats or prepares food is a potential customer!

Tupperware offers Multiple Selling Venues,
As a Tupperware Consultant
You can sell Tupperware in many ways -You run your own business and Sell However YOU PREFER!

You can sell through the Traditional Home Parties (this is Never Required its totally up to the individual consultant how they choose to sell, Never ANY PRESSURES!)

You can hold Catalog Parties or Just take Individual Customer Orders

You can Offer Fundraisers with a Special Tupperware Fundraising Catalog for Organizations, Groups, Idividuals to Earn 40% profit on their Sales! Super Easy and Profitable for you and the organization!

You can sell 24 hours, 7 days a Week Online-
With a Tupperware Website you can sell to customers Nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, When Customers order through your website, Tupperware Processes the Payment and Ships the orders. You then get your commissions in a Monthly Check.

When you Join Tupperware you get a Free 30 Day Trial to your Very Own Website to sell From,
then if you decide you want to keep it the cost is only $7.95 per month and you can cancel it at anytime so there is no Long Term Requirement.

  • 401K Plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • College savings plan
  • Prescription Plan
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Vision Plan
  • Dental Plan
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